Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid conditions are quite common and most thyroid lumps are usually benign (non-cancerous).

However, there is a small risk of thyroid lumps becoming malignant, so thyroid lumps are investigated with an ultrasound and sometimes, an ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsy is performed to determine its nature. Thyroid blood tests are also arranged as part of the workup as some thyroid lumps may be associated with an overproduction or underproduction of thyroid hormone, an extremely important hormone which regulates our well-being. Under-production of thyroid hormone may mean needing to take regular daily thyroid hormone supplements whilst over-production of thyroid hormone may require special medication to stabilise the high thyroid hormone levels.

Although many thyroid lumps may be conservatively managed with repeat ultrasound scans, some lumps may need to be surgically removed in the form of a hemi- or total thyroidectomy procedure. Treatment of thyroid lumps depends on the size and nature of lump, the patient’s gender and age.