Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting our website. Your use of our website is governed by the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the listed terms and conditions, please do not proceed to use our website. We may from time to time modify the terms and conditions listed and no prior notice will be given.

The Group in this terms & conditions refer to MWH Group which consist of Singapore Centre For Medical Imaging (“CMI”), Singapore Heart, Stroke & Cancer Centre (“SHSCC”), Singapore Medical Specialists Centre (“SMSC”), Face, Body & Skin Aesthetic Medical Centre (“FBS”), The Aesthetics Medical Clinic  (“TAMC“)

The information listed on this website are only meant for educational use and it should not be regarded as any medical advice, treatment or diagnosis given by the Group. We will not assume liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, risk, mis-diagnosis, damage, due to the use of the website. While every effort has been made to make the website as complete, accurate and updated as possible, The Group make no warranties, express or implied or representations as to the accuracy of the content in the website. As when any discrepancies that may occur, please consult a qualified medical doctor or consultant to seek treatment.

Personal Data Protection
The Group is committed to ensure that your personal data is protected.  We may collect, retain, use, disclose and transfer the Patient’s personal data for use of the following purposes inclusive but not limited to :

  1. All medical purposes including but not limited to diagnosis, assessment, care, treatment, follow-ups, continuity of medical care and all other related medical services; and
  2. The purposes of providing information to all relevant third parties including but not limited to insurance companies, hospitals, medical centres, CPF Board, lawyers, partners, vendors and agents.
  3. The Patient’s personal data may be shared with medical professionals, Clinic staff, hospital staff, my next of kin and other related personnel who are involved in the assessment, treatment, care and for continuity of care of the Patient’s condition.

We will retain your information either for the period of our relationship or as stipulated by the regulatory or under any contractual terms whichever is later. The Group may contact you via phone calls, SMS messages, data messages, emails or post for the purposes listed in this document as it pertains to the Patient.  This consent is regardless of any current or future registration on the Do-Not-Call Registry. We endeavour to take reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal data that we collect and/or process are accurately reflected in our system in accordance with the details provided by you. Therefore, the accuracy of the personal data depends to a large extent upon the information you provide.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us and we take a very serious view on your privacy. Your personal information that you have submitted to us either through online member registration, appointment booking, event registration, feedback forms or any other form of registration or communication will be kept strictly confidential. Information collected will be shared to Group staff, partners or associates for the purpose of providing better services and will be given on a need to know basis only. For example our staff may contact you to confirm your appointment details or reminder to collect reports.