A Better Alternative To Diagnose Prostate Cancer

A patient recently related how he had previously undergone two rounds of rather uncomfortable prostate biopsies for suspicion of prostate cancer. Both biopsies were negative for cancer.  He is facing the prospect of another biopsy because his prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, level remained high. He wanted to know if there are better alternatives to [...]

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Fatty Liver : The next enemy

During the last national day rally, PM Mr Lee Hsien Loong raised the concerns of rising threat of Diabetes Mellitus in Singapore. 3 in 10 Singaporeans above the age of 60 have diabetes. The disease is closely linked to overweight, in which the risk of diabetes will rise with increasing body weight. In his [...]

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Testosterone and The Ageing Man

Many men go through a period in their life where they will experience a loss in vitality, physical fatigue and a drop in libido. The cause may often be a simple case of work-related burnt out or sleep deprivation. Some will attribute it to their inevitable ingress into middle age slump. But if the [...]

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