Eye Specialist - Dr Daphne Han Ophthalmologist

Dr Daphne Han

Senior Consultant, Ophthalmology
MBBS (Melbourne), MMed, MRCS

FRCS (Edinburgh), FAMS


International Peer-Reviewed Papers / Publications

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  • 7. Shah J, Han D, Htoon H, Mehta J. Intra-observer repeatability and inter-observer reproducibility of corneal measurements in normal eyes using Visante Omni. JCRS Feb 2015.

Book Chapter

  • 1. Yeo KT, Por YM, Han DCY. Vitrectomy in Diabetic Retinopathy. In: Ang CL, Chee SP, Jap AHE, Tan DTH, Wong TY, eds. Clinical Ophthalmology: An Asian Perspective. Singapore: Elsevier, 2005

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