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Project Description

Diabetic Complication Prevention

Diabetic patients can develop many medical problems including heart attacks , stroke , kidney failure, poor leg circulation , amputation , eye problems and nerve damage

Prevent Complications of Diabetes — get your loved ones to visit us for our Diabetic Complication Prevention Program

 Our One stop Centre for Diabetic Complication Prevention includes the following services:

Prevention and Management of Diabetic Eye Problems

Diabetic eye complications can result in bleeding into the eyes and blindness

Prevent Leg Amputation

Patients with diabetes often have blockage of the leg arteries and which may result in the toes turning black

(Gangrenous foot – dead tissue – see picture) and eventually amputation.

 Our specialists will be able to use the latest in imaging and diagnostic technology to assess the status of the leg circulation in a safe, accurate and painless manner. Using advanced techniques, our specialists will be able to improve the leg circulation. For patients who have already developed gangrene, our specialists will assess the leg to minimize the amputation and to preserve as much of the leg function as possible. Visit our doctors for detailed assessment and our Leg Preservation Program for diabetics