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Articles by Dr Chong Yeh Woei


• Beating that CNY sugar rush

   Diabetic patients need not feel left out of the festive feasting; they just need to make some adjustments to their diet...Read more


• Know Your Glands: Your Thymus

   What: Thymus. Location: It is made of two lobes that are in front of the trachea. Function: The thymus produces thymosins, which are

   hormones that stimulate the development of antibodies. It also produces T-lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that fight infections

   and destroy abnormal cells. “These T cells are very smart and have...Read more


• What’s up, doc?

   Don't know what to expect at a health screening? Here's a quick guide to the tests your doctor may use to determine your health

   status...Read more


• A silver lining for chronic diseases

   Protect the lining in your arteries by watching your diet, exercising consistently and reducing stress...Read more


• Signs of infection

   When dealing with infections, doctors need to have some clear ideas what to look for...Read more


• Diet of 6 rules

  ONE of the most alarming statistics that we have seen recently is the increase in the number of obese persons in Singapore. The latest

   figure stands at 10.9 percent of the population aged 18 to 69. This means that almost 1 in 10 adults in Singapore are obese and have a

   body mass index of 30 and above...Read more


• Beware festive indulgences

  Refrain from excessive consumption of traditional goodies to get a healthy start at Chinese New Year...Read more



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